Sunday, September 22, 2013


Skill: 15 Minutes of Running skill and drills (reference CrossFit Endurance)

Active recovery: 15-20 mintues swimming, biking, rowing, airdyne, running with goeal of 70-80% output (120-150BPM Heart rate)

Mobility: 30 Minutes- 1 hour prioritizing trouble spots

Self education: 30-45 minutes researching technique and efficiency and anything else relevant to CrossFit or Strength and Conditioning (CF endurance, Gymnastics WOD, mobility WOD, CrossFit Journal, project mayhem on youtube, etc) 


  1. Saw we have a partner option on Thursday. I'll be in 11:30-1:15 if anyone wants to join me.

  2. Did the first couple of drills under basic running drills on Crossfit Endurance. Running with a metronome was the weirdest thing, and it was hard to keep the cadence, especially since it was so slow.

    Had to fit in another Lurong Challenge WOD, so got to do 100 KB swings and 100 Burpees for time instead of active recovery. You know you are jealous.

    Mob work on ankles (specifically side to side), glutes and shoulders. Liked this ankle video from K-Star:

    Researched back flip progressions because it's fun and going to be my next goal after I conquer muscle-ups. I'll look up some more relevant stuff later tonight when the girls are in bed.

  3. Hey guys -

    Where are you finding the drills on the endurance site? There is a ton of info there, just curious where we are looking?

    Did yesterdays WOD today, so new comments there as well.

  4. Sorry - above comment from Nate.

  5. Nate - it's, under the Sport Tech dropdown, select Run. I started with the Running Drills Basics Collection under Running Drills