Sunday, September 29, 2013


Weakness: 5 sets of 3 Position Squat Snatch

Strength/Skill: Work up to a heavy 3 rep Push jerk with perfect technique 

WOD: For time 
25 Pull-ups
25 Ring Push-ups
25 K2E (IMPORTANT: knees must touch elbow to count)
25 DB Snatch (total) 60#/40#
25 OHS 95#/65#

Rest As Needed

Accumulate 15 Wall Walks

Rest As Needed

Accumulate 3 Min Hollow Rock Hold, each time you break you must rest in superman hold

Mobility: Overhead mobility work


  1. Weakness: 115#, 135#, 145#, 145# felt good. The three position really showed me I'm strong enough to do more weight its just my form that's holding me back. I felt better with the first two positions than I did the full snatch

    Strength: 205# unsure on how to start the push, from the rack position or if I should drop my elbows down so my wrists are straight under the bar

    WOD: 8:28 felt good other than K2E, couldn't get a good rhythm here and OHS had to break it into sets of 5

    Wall walks were tough as always, same with hollow rock holds

  2. Nate Loback -

    Skipped Weakness (shoulder and crunched for time)
    Strength: Worked up to 155#x3, then went for 185#. The lift felt good, but shoulder hurt on the way down. Probably could have got 160 or 165#x3 though.

    WOD: 8:18. Happy with unbroken reps on pullups and K2E. I can be better when my abs are worked consistently and I work my grip strength. Snatches felt heavy, broke then into 5's. I looked like this was my first time. No balance and very difficult. Lesson learned - rep the movements for the WOD, even if just a few...and OHS more often. Left shoulder has a serious impingment that completely kept me from locking out. I should have finished this in 7:30 or less.

    Mixed wall walks in with mobility/stretching, and joined in a group squatting to Moby for hollow rock holds. Song is about 3 mins, so I held hollow rock, or superman the whole time. All my movements will be better if I work in L-Sit, GHD, and hollow rocks more often.

  3. Weakness: Snatch: 95, 115, 135, 145, . These felt good. Focused mainly on speed under the bar on the first rep, and a deep squat/catch on the last rep.

    Strength/skill: 135, 185, 225. I should have done these off a rack, I was pretty sore from the week of heavy cleans. Also, my Achilles and calf's started hurting on these so I quit while I was ahead.

    WOD: 7:38. Worked out with Ernie and Jay. Almost made the C2B unbroken (made it to 22), push ups and K2E felt relatively easy. DB snatches were challenging, but improved with some minor tweaks. The OHS were crazy tough. I was not expecting 95# to feel that heavy. I think I ended up doing 5 sets of 5.... terrible.

    Wall walks took me a while. My triceps and shoulders were pretty cooked. Thank goodness it was NFT.

    Hollow rock holds. I made it just over a minute before resting in the superman, then I could NOT get back into the position without my back hurting. So I did weighted planks again with 45# plate.