Sunday, September 29, 2013


Weakness: 10 Minutes to work on HS walks, L-sit to HS, and HS holds (against wall or free standing)

Strength: 3 Rep Pause Back Squat (percentages off your 1RM)
5 sets (60,65,70,75,75 percent)

'Holleyman', 30 Rounds
5 Wallballs 20#/14#
1 Power Clean 225#/155# Mod1: 185#/135# Mod2: 155#/95#

Rest 10 Minutes, then:

EMOM for 10 Minutes:
3 Power Snatches 135#/95# Mod1: 115#/75#

Rest 5 Minutes, then:

4 x ME Plank Hold w/ 45#/25# on back
*rest 1 Minute between sets

Mobility: hips and foam roll/mash IT band, glutes, and hamstrings


  1. Vee
    back squats were off of 175 1RM; a little difficult coming up out of the pause;

    WOD - 18# wall ball was difficult; HSPU used 1 abmat & was able to hit all 90; 95# pwr cleans were pretty ugly toward the end; tiime: 40:32

    Pwr Snatches - used 65# b/c I was so tired & form was suffering

    plank holds - 25# & was hitting b/n 30sec & 1min each round

  2. Weakness: Spent the whole 10 minutes on trying to get handstand walks down. Getting a little better, but still need a lot of work. Tried looking on youtube for progressions on this as well.

    Strength: 5x3 back squat w/ 3 sec pause based off 365# 1RM:
    225, 240, 255, 260, 275, 275. These weights seem to be getting much easier, even with the increased weights. Only struggled on the last rep of last set at 275.

    WOD: 33:03 Rx with 225# Cleans.
    HOLY COW! This was an intense wod. No problem with the wall balls or HSPU. The cleans were pretty heavy. Definitely took the most time making sure I could perform the rep prior to picking up the bar.

    EMOM: 135# x 3 Statches
    I took a little more rest after the WOD to ensure good form on these, about 20 minutes. Felt good on all reps. Able to power snatch them all unbroken.

    CORE: Plank holds were good. 1 min, 45sec, 35 sec, and 45 secs respectively.

  3. Weakness: Tried L-sits to handstands on parallettes, not really too close on these. Also worked on my handstand holds a bit.

    Pause Back Squats: did reps based off a 165 1RM - these felt good overall, but definitely started to get challenging on the last set.

    WOD: 30:31 (included a few breaks to referee the kids) I did the wall balls with 20#, although Luke suggested that that was a typo and I should have done 14#, oh well. The 20# ball was a bit of a jump, definitely had trouble getting it to 10ft without jumping. I started with 115# (85% of my IRM squat clean), and ended up bumping it up to 120# for rounds 11-30. The clean started to get tough at the end. HSPUs felt pretty easy, was able to knock out 3 unbroken every round pretty quickly.

    EMOM & Core: Ran out of time. Mondays are tough for me time-wise.

  4. Jen Clark
    Paused Back squat- Went off my 195# max. (105, 135, 140, 150, 150) Felt good.

    WOD- started off with 135# power cleans, only made it through the first 4 rounds before dropping to 125# for all remaining rounds. These felt good, but started to get heavy around round 25. Used the 20# wall ball as well, not too bad, was harder to get it to the appropriate height, had to jump a little in order to get the right height. HSPU, did all of the first 16 rounds RX. I started feeling a sharp pain in my right shoulder, so decided to scale the HSPU's for the remaining rounds. I think I may use more of my right shoulder when pushing myself up. Something I probably should have you watch me do sometime Dan. Finished in 31:35.

    Snatches- By this time I could barely feel my upper body, lol!!! So I started off with 75# and had to drop to 65#. My form is way better with 65, then 75. This is definetly not a strong move for me.

    Ran out of time, had to leave could not finish the rest.