Monday, September 9, 2013


Warm-up: 3 Rounds
300 M Row
20 jumping lunges

Weakness: 10 Minutes to practice double-unders/triple-unders

Technique: EMOM for 10 Minutes:
3 Perfect Squat Cleans (reset between reps, starting at 50%, no higher than 70%)

Strength: 3 Rep Pause Back Squat- (full pause at bottom of squat not 90 degrees; percentages off your 1RM)
5 sets (50,55,55,60,65 percent)

WOD: Rotating EMOM for 24 Minutes
A. 5/3 C2B (guys/girls; kipping/butterfly)
B. 10/8 HSPU 
C. 5/3 Strict Chin-ups or 8 Ring Rows
D. 10 Box Jumps 30"/24"

Core: 3 Rounds, NFT (not for time)
2 TGU (you choose weight, use KB)
1 Minute hollow rock hold

Mobility: hips and foam roll/mash IT band, glutes, and hamstrings


  1. Technique: EMOM for 10 Minutes: 135x2 rounds, 185x2 rounds, 165x2 rounds, 135x4 rounds. I felt pretty strong on these.

    Strength: 3 Rep Pause Back Squat - 5x3 reps
    Very strong on these. only struggled on the last rep of 245 past the sticking point

    WOD: Rotating EMOM for 24 Minutes
    Subbed deficit HSPU with 45 and 25# plates on first 3 rounds, then just 45 on the second 3 rounds. Felt that I could have gone a little heavier or more reps with the time allotted. Ending heart rate was 170.

    CORE: 40# KB TGU and hollow rock holds were rough, especially holding for 60 seconds.

  2. Technique: 115x3, 135x7. Could have done more

    Strength: 135,155,155,175,185

    WOD: Struggled with HSPU in rounds 5 and 6, was able to perform all 10 in each but took almost the full min.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the feedback so far. Just a heads up, don't worry if it feels "too light" or like you could have done more on some of the WODs. That time will come, don't worry.

    Just remember, when its light technique should be perfect or it you feel like you can do more reps in the WOD emphasize perfect technique. Not 80% or 90% on the technique, 100%. We need to make sure everyone is move as well as possible right now. Additionally, we will be focusing on building strength. As we get closer to the open, WODS will become harder I promise you that.

    I just ask that you do what is prescribed, emphasize technique and focus on those movements. We need to build those motor pathways for our body to recognize proper movements we can't just focus on moving the weight.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and posting everything. Remember I still want you to tell me how it felt and if it was too light, etc. but just make sure you stick to the programming.

  4. Even in warmup, my legs felt a little tired, still recovering from this weekend.

    Squat Clean EMOM - 70x2rds, 80x2, 85x2, 90x2, 95x2 - these felt good. Only question I had was if I should be bottoming out or trying to get just below parallel without bottoming out since the weight was light.

    Pause Back Squat - I was working off a 160# max, which might be a bit low, haven't maxed out my squat in a while.
    80#, 90#, 90#, 95#, 105# - all felt pretty light, no sticking even at the 105#, I was holding the bottom for a 3 second count before coming up.

    24 Min EMOM - did kipping C2B, abmat with 45's for HSPU, chin-ups and 24" box. C2B felt fine, HSPUs felt strong - unbroken in each round, chin-ups were getting tough on that third rep in the last round and the box jumps did not feel quite as "springy" as usual, rebounding was harder, more like jumping with lead feet ;).

    TGU - 35#, a little slow and awkward as I got used to doing them again. And those darn hollow holds were tough!! I had to break the last one after 30 secs and go right back into it for the last 30 secs.

    Overall, I am really liking the structure.

  5. Anonymous said...
    Bench: 4x5 @ 205# - HS walk is doing good - did 30 ft +360 the other day!
    Strict Press: 155# (strict shoulder press, right?)
    TnG Cleans: 135#, felt great

    Snatch: bailed due to time (gym closes at 7)

    WOD: 16:45, 225# deadlift, 70# KB. Runs felt...not smooth; like a strongman trying to run. My running is so much better when I get one day a week on the track (sprints). DL were all unbroken, KB were 20, then 10-10, then 5-5-5-5 for the last 2.

    Doing these by yourself...not as fun as with a group, but I really like this forum so we can at least share.

    -Nate Loback

  6. Technique- EMOM for 10 min. Read this incorrect so did all reps with 105#. Felt good.

    Strength- Ended on 155# for back squat. Enjoyed this one, really helped with coming backup from the without trying to lean forward.
    WOD-Did both kipping C2B pullups and butterfly. HSPU are a weakness, however, feeling like I am getting stronger. Made it through this WOD with doing them all. Used a 24 box.

    Core- TGU used a 35# KB. Felt good.

    Jen Clark