Sunday, September 22, 2013


5 x 3 High Hang Squat Clean (emphasize speed, not weight)

Strength: Every 90 seconds for 12 Minutes: 3 Front Squats
sets 1-3: 65% 1 RM FS
4-6: 70%
7-8: 75%

If you have a partner: 15 Min AMRAP:
Partner A: Row for Calories 20/15
Partner B: 20 Push-ups
*first one done rests, then switch

If alone: 15 Min AMRAP:
20 Calorie Row with 1:1 work/rest; during rest period complete 20 push-ups  

Core: 3 Rounds NFT
15 V-ups
30 second superman hold


  1. Weakness: 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#, 145#; I felt very confident at these weights

    Strength: Sets 1-3 145#, 4-6 155#, 7-8 165#; Again felt very confident with these weights.

    WOD: Alone, rowed just over 1600 meters (I assumed 1 row=1 calorie), 103 push ups

    I am unsure when to push the weight with weakness and strength work. When is form and technique more important vs. challenging weight? Sounds like everyone is enjoying working out together, what time are people going in on Saturday?

  2. Squat Cleans: 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115# - these felt good, some quicker than others, I probably felt quickest at the 105# set.

    Front Squat: Sets 1-3 95#, 4-6 100#, 7-8 110# - These felt good, really concentrated on driving my knees out and keeping my elbows high. I don't have a 1RM Front Squat, so I'm declaring it to be 145#. My 1RM Clean was 135# a couple of months ago, so I'm adding a few #s for good measure.

    WOD: Got to pair up with Jay, we got through 7 1/2 rounds. I was the weak link on the rower, he had to wait for me for a few seconds, I usually finished up my pushups right as he was getting done with his row. I switched to knee push-ups after the 4th round because my triceps were getting burnt out and barely got those in by the time Jay finished his row. Obviously a weak spot for me. It was actually kind of fun though, I liked working with someone.

    Core: got it done, didn't feel too bad.

  3. Nate Loback

    HHSQ: 95#, 95#, 95#, 115#, 135#. Was focusing on thrusting my hips into full extension through the last sets and could really tell a difference with how easy it was to get under the bar, and having the weight sit over my heels vs. leaning forward at the bottom.

    Front Squat: 185#, 185#, 185#, 205#, 205#, 205#, 225#, 225#. These felt good, and form looked pretty good from what I could tell. Could probably improve keeping the weight over my heels as I tend to lean forward on the way up.

    WOD: Did this alone. 7 full rounds. I see the evil in programming a 20 cal can ALMOST get it in under a minute consistently. I had it under a minute at first, but was at 1:13 by the last sets. Push ups felt good, but the work capacity was tough! I hate rowing almost as much as wall balls.

    Core: V-ups felt good! Super mans made me feel like a meat head because I my shoulders are so tight/sore and hard to move.

    Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow, and hoping to meet everyone for some fun on SAT??? Can we all meet at 8:30? I've been doing ice baths the past couple of nights -it's helped a lot with recovery and feeling fresh. I'm really sore following this new programming.

  4. Weakness: 95, 105, 105, 115, 115#. These were light, but intentionally so. I tried to raise up onto my toes and imitate triple extension and drop under the bar as fast as possible without any upward movement of the bar. This was a good weight for that.

    Strength: I took a different approach to these. As this was the only lift which I didn't have a PR or Max for, I took my time working up to a 1RM. Made a good 315# (which is about what I was guessing on previous WOD's for percentages). I attempted 325 w/o success. I am really hoping the wife lets me get some OLY shoes real soon. I then did the 65%, 70%, and 75% @ 205, 220, and 235. I was able to get to minute 10 before I could no longer clean the weight up. Legs were pretty tired.

    WOD: Did this SOLO style. 6 rounds + 14 cal row:
    Each 20 cal row took about 1- 1:15. The pushups were unbroken for the first 2 rounds, then broken up more and more the longer I went. I definitely need to work on my rowing techniques.

    CORE: These actually felt okay. A fly kept bugging me during these which made it hard to concentrate. So I went home and took a shower.