Sunday, September 15, 2013


Option A: Handstand walk practice
Option B: 4 x 5 Bench Press

Snatch Supplement: 4 x 3 Snatch balance 

Strength 1: Establish a 1RM Strict Press
4 x 3 Strict Press @75%

Strength 2: 6 sets of 2 Touch-and-Go Power Clean (rest 90-120 seconds between)

WOD: 4 Rounds  
20 KB Swings 70#/44#
400 M Run
4 Deadlifts at 70% 1RM


  1. Weakness: Option B: 135,185,205,225#

    Snatch Supplement: 95,115,135,135#
    I was a little unsure how difficult this exercise was supposed to feel so I focused on technique

    Strength 1: 1RM 135# :4x95,4x95,4x105,4x105

    Strength 2: 135#,165#,185#,205#,205#,215#

    WOD: 15:00, deadlift 225#

  2. Weakness: Option A: Could not do a handstand walk. I just tried to balance a handstand without using a wall. I tried for about 10-15 minutes. Definitely a BIG weakness.

    Snatch Balance: 4x3 95,95,115,135.
    I also did not know exactly how heavy to go so I concentrated on form as well. These felt light.

    Strength 1: 195# 1RM; 145x4 rounds; felt pretty strong on these.

    Strength 2: 185x2 for 6 rounds. Felt comfortable.

    WOD: 17:52 295# DL; Holy cow, felt terrible during the runs. The KB and DL weight felt good. I was able to maintain pretty good form on the first 3 rounds, and I made it through the fourth.

  3. Weakness: Option A
    Walked about 15' at my best. Definitly felt improvement while working on them. I'm confident that once I get my balance point right, I will be able to do these pretty well

    Snatch Supplement:
    Did this at the end, and my shoulders felt excessively tight. Loosened up through the 4 sets, stayed at 95#, focused on form, and held the bottom for a few seconds.

    Strength 1: 200# for 1RM, new PR.
    4x3 at 165#. Finished, but should have gone down in weight. Forgot what you recommended, and the 165# was convinient.

    Skipped Strength 2, ran out of time today

    14:38 at 225#.
    Kept all DL unbroken, could have easily gone up in weight, stayed with Rx at CFWP to be competitive.
    KBs were tough, first round unbroken, then 10-10, 10-10, 8-7-5.
    All runs were around 2:00.
    Felt pretty worn out after WOD.

    Did some hip flexibility after, as my left hip flexor is still tight.


  4. Bench: 4x5 @ 205# - HS walk is doing good - did 30 ft +360 the other day!
    Strict Press: 155# (strict shoulder press, right?)
    TnG Cleans: 135#, felt great

    Snatch: bailed due to time (gym closes at 7)

    WOD: 16:45, 225# deadlift, 70# KB. Runs felt...not smooth; like a strongman trying to run. My running is so much better when I get one day a week on the track (sprints). DL were all unbroken, KB were 20, then 10-10, then 5-5-5-5 for the last 2.

    Doing these by yourself...not as fun as with a group, but I really like this forum so we can at least share.

    -Nate Loback

  5. Bench: 75#, 85#, 95#, 105# - the last few reps at 105# felt heavy. I'm still working on my form, could definitely use some pointers there

    Snatch Bal: 35#, 55#, 65#x2 - these didn't get heavy, mobility felt good, just wanted keep form in tact

    Strict Press: 1RM - 95#, 4x3@70# - these felt pretty good

    TandG Cleans: 70#, 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115# - worked my way up on these, focusing on good form, especially coming from the ground on that second rep. Felt good, didn't get heavy or sloppy

    WOD: 14:34 (45#kb, 155# DL) - I was surprised how wobbly my legs felt on the start of the run, even in that first round. First 3 rds of kb swings were unbroken, then 12-6-2 and it was my grip more than anything. DLs were unbroken, but, I am also going off a 210# 1RM, which might not be accurate. Took a few mins to recover after, but wasn't awful, probably means I should have run faster.

  6. Vee

    HS walk - need to work on this more often

    Snatch Bal: 35#, 45#, 55# - these are difficult for me; need to work on speed under the bar

    Strict Press: 1RM - 80# w/an ugly back arch; 4X3@65# - these felt good;

    T&G cleans: 65# - 95# - started to get bad form at 95#, 4 reps

    WOD: 16:52 (45#KB, 115# DL) heart rate through the roof; all unbroken except last round of kb swings, stopped once; I feel like I can't get my endurance back since surgery; maybe need to do some longer endurance work? can't recover my heart rate as well as a year ago.

  7. Jen Clark

    Worked on HS walks, still need to.

    Snatch Balance, ended at 75,this is one area I would consider a weakness that I need to continue to work on technique

    Strict Press- Ended with 85#

    Strength 2- 1) 85# 2) 105# 3)115# 4)115# 5)120# 6)120#
    Love Cleans!!

    WOD-This was a leg killer, Did 45# kettlebell swings and 175# deadlift. Time= 15:45