Sunday, September 22, 2013


15 Minutes working on the posted muscle-up progressions

Skill: 12 Minutes to work up to a heavy double (2 rep) split jerk with perfect technique 

Snatch Supplement: 5 x 5 Snatch Grip Deadlift: percentages off 1 RM snatch (80,90,100,110,120)

WOD: If you are not working out tomorrow, do Saturday's WOD. If you are working out tomorrow:
6 Rounds
A. 30 seconds Max Ring Dips
30 seconds Rest

B. 30 seconds Max Shoulder-to-Overhead 145#/105# 
30 Seconds Rest 

C. 30 Seconds Max Cal Airdyne
30 Seconds Rest

Cooldown: 10 Min Row
3 Rounds NFT: 10 Good Mornings, 1 Min Hollow Rock Hold


  1. got 231 on the WOD. Shoulder to overhead was tough, averaged about 7 on those per round. about 23 dips/round, 8 cals on bike.

  2. Weakness: Worked on muscle up progressions; specifically linking them together and getting more efficient at them. Still working on the strict muscle up.

    Skill: Final Split jerk was 235. Technique is coming along, need to work on footwork and speed under bar.

    Snatch Supplement: 185, 205, 215, 235, 265. These felt good. Only problem was the hook grip, which got really painful as the weight increased. No pain, no gain I guess.

    WOD: 203. Got to work out with Matt, and he has a lot more endurance than I do. I averaged 8 ring dips per round, 8 S2O, and about 15 cal/round. The ring dips were tough, especially after the S2O's. I am usually a lot better at the shoulder to overheads, but again, triceps were cooked. Need to work on bodyweight exercises for sure.

  3. Muscle up: starting to get the hang of the transition, just need more strength...

    Split Jerk: I stopped at 115#. Just was not feeling strong today, might have been the snatch work earlier or just fatigue in general. I still need to work on the placement of my feet on the split. When it gets heavy, I tend to keep my feet closer together (I know, opposite of what we're going for). So, when my form started faltering, I didn't go up in weight.

    Snatch Supplement: 85#, 95#, 100#, 110#, 120# - need to stay in my heels, but feel like I was getting better. Focused on staying in the heels and better shoulder position by torquing the wrists.

    WOD: 154 - Avg of 5 ring dips per round, 7 S2OH and about 14 cals. I dropped the weight on the S2OH to 95# and even those felt heavy.