Sunday, September 22, 2013


*Make sure you are looking at the resources provided on the other pages of the blog and including daily cooldown/mobility as well as the ankle, hip, and shoulder strengthening exercises that I have posted links to.

Option A. Kipping HSPU 3 x 10
Option B. 10 minutes Double Unders 

Strength 1: 5 x 3 Strict Press, percentages off 1 RM (65,70,75,80,80) 90 seconds rest between

Strength 2: 
3 Rep Pause Back Squat (percentages off your 1RM)
5 sets (55,60,65,65,70 percent)

WOD: Rotating EMOM for 24 Minutes
A. 12/8 C2B pull-ups (guys/girls; kipping/butterfly)
B. 6 Thrusters 135#/95#
C. 7/4 Strict Chin-ups or 10 Ring Rows
D. 12 Wallballs 20#/14#

Core: 5 x Max Effort L-Sit hold from bar or ME L-sit on parallettes (rest 90 seconds between each set) 


  1. Weakness: DU Practice - trying to mess around with my form, be more relaxed. I wasn't super-successful with it this time around.

    Strict Press: 65#, 70#, 75#, 80#, 80# - felt a little slow by the end, but overall good.

    Pause Back Squat: 95#, 105#, 115#, 115#, 120# - felt good on these

    EMOM: C2B got done. I wasn't linking them as well as last time, but they weren't too bad. Thrusters - forget it! They felt like 150#, not 95#. I was even breaking them up by the last few sets - yuck. Chin-ups were fine and wall balls were great.

    L-sits: Embarrassing. First round was 25 seconds on the parallettes, 20 seconds hanging L-sit and then just went down from there. I don't know that my core was super-fatigued, but I felt it in my hip flexors and quads, trying to hold my legs up. Guess I'll be doing a lot more of these.

    At least I got to suffer with company. Patrick, Ernie, Jay and I all worked out together. So, they all got to see how shitty I have become at crossfit and hear me whine - sorry, guys. Bring on tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Liz. First, your core will feel super fatigued since we have been working core much more consistently than you are used to. Second, you will definitely at times feel like you suck at CrossFit. This is good, you are out of your normal routine and be challenged with new domains/modalities and you will be much better in the long run. Third, you are transitioning to a new program which will take a few weeks of adjustment. When I switched it took me a solid 3 weeks to feel comfortable; don't worry this is normal. However, if you start to feel super fatigued, like you lack power, really rundown, etc. I need to know so I can adjust some things. But other than that I'm sure you doing great and just keep pushing through!

  3. Nate Loback:

    Weakness: Kipping HSPU - stringing 10 together just fine; balance is getting much better so these have become easier

    Strict Press: 95#, 115#, 125#, 115#, 115#. Pure strength in this press has always been a weakness of mine (not a huge guy at 5'7" 165lbs). Left shoulder feels weaker than right and I think there is an issue from an old rotator cuff injury I may need to work. Any suggestions? What about subing individual dumbbell press?

    Pause Back Squat: 185#, 215#, 235#, 255#, 255#. Felt really strong on these - held off from going to 275# because I don't have a back belt/knee support. After a few injuries, I'm nervous of going heavy without protection - even though I feel I can. An injured back is no joke.

    EMOM: Worked out today at lunch with Ryan and crew from his work at a globo gym. We got a few funny looks as we rotated through the stations! Felt good metabolically, although the minutes definitely felt shorter by the end. Thrusters were tough due to shoulder weakness (smoked from Coe on Sat). Legs felt good.

    L sit - didn't have time....bummer. I need to do these more at home. I told Liz I use our patio chairs and have contests with the kids. Triceps are smoked too from Coe....ring pushups are serious! My B-Day is next week...hoping to get some rings for the garage!

    1. tough workout, pullups got hard at end. Thrusters gas'd me.

  4. Oh, and Liz - power of positive intention! Crossfit shows everyone what they suck at. You are here, you are working hard, you are competing. Done. Something tells me soon you will be a ninjitsu samurai and surpass us all!

  5. Oops! Didn't mean to come across as such a whiner. Or that I'm really that down on myself. I'm still having fun with it and all of what I'm saying is said with a smile (except for those Thrusters, I really hated those). Harder to convey online. It's just amazing how much different it feels when you work your weaknesses and work with a goal rather than to just work. :) Thanks for the encouragement though, never hurts!

  6. Jen Clark

    Started with the Lurong challenge of 100 burpees and 100 KB Swings, so I skipped the back squats and weakness.

    Strength-did 65, 70, 75,80, 85 and then a set at 95. Felt good. Wanted to see if I could do the 95 without too much struggle.

    EMOM- Did a combination of C2B and butterflies. Struggled linking the butterflies, but the motion felt good. Did 85# for the thrusters, that was rough. Was already a little fatigued from the KB swings I think. Did the 10 ring rows, probably should have done the chin ups. WB's are finally feeling good!!

    Did not have time for the L Sit.

  7. Weakness: Double Unders; continued to refine the skills learned from the seminar. Definitely improving, and I see how mastering the techniques taught will improve my efficiency.

    Strength 1: Strict press off 195# max: 125,135.145,145,155,155. Felt strong on all these.

    Strength 2: 5x3 w/ 3 sec pause Back Squats off 365# Max ( I rounded these up a little to make it easier on my math skills) 205, 225, 245, 245, 255. These are getting much easier. The weight feels comfortable and I focus on form both positive and negative movements. Also, getting less butt winking. always good.

    WOD: EMOM 24 min.
    It was great working out with Liz, Ernie and Jay. Definitely pushes me even harder than this program already does. First 3 rounds were unbroken on all movements. C2B are getting really strong, able to link all 12 butterfly PU. 135# Thrusters were rough, especially after the shoulder presses and squats. The biggest challenge was the strict chin ups. I was able to do first 3 rounds fine, but then reached burn out in round 4 or 5. Had to give a little jump and do some negatives to complete.

    Good Times