Sunday, September 15, 2013


Skill: 15 Minutes of Running skill and drills (reference CrossFit Endurance)

Active recovery: 15-20 mintues swimming, biking, rowing, airdyne, running with goeal of 70-80% output (120-150BPM Heart rate)

Mobility: 30 Minutes- 1 hour prioritizing trouble spots

Self education: 30-45 minutes researching technique and efficiency and anything else relevant to CrossFit or Strength and Conditioning (CF endurance, Gymnastics WOD, mobility WOD, CrossFit Journal, project mayhem on youtube, etc) 


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  2. On the Self-Education part, if you all come across something that you think is really great, please post a link here so we can all check it out. Thanks!

  3. 20 minutes working on jump rope and double unders. 20 minutes on rower, set at 10 and kept a pace of about 2:10-2:20. Then about an hour of mobility from legs up. My quads, hamstrings and glues are pretty sore from Monday an Tuesday's workouts. My middle back was also a trouble spot. Used the lacross balls for my back, which really helped out.

  4. Jen Clark

    Today I did the LuRong WOD number 1. Wallballs, I still need to work on the breathing!!! Then I will be more successful.

    Agree with Liz, please post links here so we can check them out.