Sunday, September 29, 2013


Skill: 15 Minutes on CF Endurance Running Technique 

WOD: Track Day (if you can get a couple people to meet at a track that would be awesome!)

4 x 200m Sprint (2:1 rest/work)

5 min rest

2 x 2000m 5 min rest between efforts.
*Goal is to pick a pace where your first effort and second are +/- 10 seconds of each other

5 min rest 

4 x 200m Sprint (2:1 rest/work)

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  1. Nate Loback -

    Worked on shoulder mobility and OHS squat form today. Found my problem- I was not forcing my arms to rotate up when holding the bar and my grip was not far enough out. When I adjusted these, I felt SO much stronger (OHS 135#x3), and my shoulder actually felt better after doing this. I think this rotation helps put the shoulder in the socket, rather than pushing on all the connective tissue & muscles near the any case, it felt much better and I need to continue to focus on this. Thumbs up, pretend like you are bending the bar.

    Sprints - Did 8x200. Times were consistently at :39 to :41. I wasn't all out, but was really focusing on correct running form - using my hams to bring the foot up and drawing a "circle" with my feet as I ran.