Sunday, September 29, 2013


Strength: Every 90 seconds for 12 Minutes: 3 Front Squats
sets 1-3: 70% 1 RM FS
4-6: 75%
7-8: 80%

Fun: Moby- "Flowers" 135#/95# Mod1: 115#/75#

20 Rounds
30 seconds Airdyne 70/60 RPM
30 seconds DU 
 * If you don't have an airdyne you can sub rower

rest as needed

Accumulate 25 Pistols per leg

rest as needed

10/10 TGU (turkish get-ups, 10 each side) start with 45#/35# barbell and progressively add weight (if possible)


  1. Front Squats: 1-3 @ 100#, 4-6 @ 110#, 7-8 @ 115# - felt strong on these, even though I did them after the "Fun"

    Fun: Got through whole song with 75#, then did it a second time with front squats @ 45#. Did not attempt OHS, maybe another day...or, I'll try it again with 95#. Was definitely tired after the back squats, legs were pretty tight and lower back was a little tight. Front squats were pretty easy in comparison (30# difference really helped).

    WOD: Airdyne/DUs - this one was just kind of fun (except when I was getting frustrated with DUs). I had some good rounds and some horrible rounds with the DUs. High was 41 DUs, low was 7 (yes, 7). On average, I would say I hit about 25-30 DUs - need work on these, for sure.

    Pistols: Did these before the front squats too because I was waiting on a rack. Felt pretty good.

    TGUs: Did these with a barbell. First few rounds at 35#, went up to 40# then 45#. My biggest trouble with these was the stabilization with my hand/forearm.

    Fun times with Jay and Patrick. Will be out the rest of the week, going to try to fit the track workout in one day while out of town.

  2. Did "Flowers" first; Made it through with the 135#. Only got tough on the last 5 or so reps.

    Strength: 225, 235, 255# Front squats. Felt good on these as well.

    WOD: Still working on DU techniques. This workout could have been a lot tougher if I was able to go unbroken on all rounds.

    Pistols are getting better. I used a 2 1/2# plate for a little more stability. Waiting on some new shoes.

    TGU with 45# Barbell were tough. Added 10# plates and that's about how high I was able to go on these. Weird.