Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday 5/30

Strength: Deadlift
A. 2 reps @ 95% 
B. Every 2 Minutes for 6 Minutes:  3 reps @ 70%
* Remember the percentages are based on your Max + 30#

A. 7 Sets: 1 Snatch DL ( to the hip) + 1 Hang Squat Snatch (above knee)
B. 5 x 2 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press

5 Bar Muscle-ups
10 Thrusters 135#/95#


  1. **On Thursday, I played around with testing a 1RM front squat. I got a 5# PR of 120#. Was SO close to 125#!

    Also did some core work

    Strength: Deadlift

    A. My 95% was 185#, which was 15 more than my recent 1RM, so I knew I could not pull that twice, if even once. I pulled my old 1RM of 165# twice easily. And tried for a new PR at 175# and got it! It is VERY slow going for me, but I am happy to still be seeing gains. I've also noticed my "warm-up weight" has gone up, don't know how much that matters, but I am pleased about that. Now if only my snatch would start going up again...:)

    B. Every 2 mins for 6 mins: 3 reps @ 70% - this was 135# for me, not to heavy, but I wasn't able to move as quickly through the 3 reps.

    Really wanted to do the snatch work, but Micah programmed CF Olympics this day, which I am a sucker for, especially with the 12:30pm class full of guys. They help push me and I like seeing where I stand with them. We did:
    Power Snatches @ 65#
    Heavy Deads @ 155#
    Power Cleans @ 95#
    Push Press @ 65#
    Shuttle runs

    I also did an Olympic workout again at 4:30pm with Omiah, Chris and Joel. Stupid, yes, but REALLY wanted to see where I stood against these guys. To my surprise, it was VERY close! I killed them all in box jumps, too! Got 34 (with pausing on top of the box twice to catch a quick breath). We did:
    KB Swings @ 35#...I have to tell you I got 29 unbroken. This was a big deal for me because just in January I couldn't do 30# of 15 reps unbroken. 35# feels like nothing anymore.
    OHS @ 65#...I also did these unbroken and got 20 (I still pause maybe a bit too long at the top to regain balance). All three of the guys dropped their bars during this.
    Slam balls...we were all within one to two reps of each other.
    Power Snatch @ 55#...we were all within one to two reps
    Box Jumps
    DU (I sucked at these, haha)
    Burpess pull-ups...Omiah got 13, Joel and I got 12 and Chris got 11
    Pushups, also still a weakness of mine, but slowly getting better. Only got 26

    Also did core and glute accessory work today.

  2. Did this on 6/2 instead, with Ernie.

    Strength: Deadlift
    A. 2 reps @ 95% - this should have been at 240#, but I started having bad form at 235#, so I only did one rep at 235# and backed down to do 2 @ 230#. I did 27 reps at 185# on Saturday, so might have been still a little fatigued from that. Regardless, still at 10# PR from the start of this cycle.
    B. Every 2 Minutes for 6 Minutes: 3 reps @ 70% - 180# - no problem with this - felt good.

    A. 7 Sets: 1 Snatch DL ( to the hip) + 1 Hang Squat Snatch (above knee) - worked up to 115# - the snatches felt a little off today
    B. 5 x 2 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press - worked up to 120# - was surprised at how much I could do with this. Next time I'll start a bit higher.

    WOD: AMRAP 10
    5 Bar Muscle-ups
    10 Thrusters 135#/95#
    This one was a little rough because I still don't have bar MUs. I did them with a band, but struggled more than usual today with them. My timing was really off, and the thrusters felt heavier than they have. I ended up getting through 3 rounds plus 3 Bar MUs.

    Afterwards, I did the dip work - 8 sets of 6 with :40 rest. My first three sets were unbroken, but after that, I had to break up the 6, usually 3 or 4 to start and then 2s or singles after that. It ended up taking me 11:20 to finish it, if I were doing them unbroken, it should have taken about 8 mins to complete.