Monday, May 26, 2014

Tuesday 5/27

NC Lab Track Workout of the Week:
3 rounds:  3x600m with 45sec rest between intervals and 4min rest between rounds

Track Workout Pace Targets:

Mile PR Time/600m Pace Target Range



  1. Round 1:

    1. 3:00
    2. 3:03
    3. 3:10

    Round 2:

    1. 3:00
    2. 3:02
    3. 3:23 (really zoned out on this one!)

    Round 3:

    1. 3:06
    2. 3:01
    3. 3:02

    I was strict in following the rest times, so the third interval of each round just gassed me. The four minutes in between rounds was my saving grace!

    I actually did this on a track this week, albeit, not a good one. The distance is correct, but it is a rough patchwork of old asphalt, not a newer rubber one. So I had to be mindful of foot placement and my right knee was pretty sore and puffy after this workout, my guess is from the turns in running laps. I did change up my direction with each interval, but I think I did more in one direction.

    I was honestly surprised I ran these as quickly as I did. After 600m, my pace falls off a lot, though. I cannot stick with this pace a full mile right now, but working towards it!

  2. I did this one on 6/8 on a track in Evergreen

    3 rounds: 3x600m with 45sec rest between intervals and 4min rest between rounds

    Round 1 - 2:35, 2:37, 2:45
    Round 2 - 2:37, 2:46, 2:44
    Round 3 - 2:44, 2:47, 2:46

    This one was tough for me! By the time I got to the 200 mark, I was feeling out of breath, by 400, I was ready to stop, but after I pushed past that 400 mark, it actually started to get easier so that by 600, while I was definitely ready to stop, it wasn't as bad as it was at 400. Probably says something about my pacing...I also have a cold that I've been fighting off, might have slowed me down a little.