Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tuesday 5/13

Track Day!

"The primary focus of our track workouts is the development of an efficient aerobic energy system. Endurance training involves manipulation of intensity, duration, and recovery.  The majority of our intervals are at sub-threshold intensities. These controlled intensities create programming balance while targeting improved performances at longer durations.   As a byproduct, we are producing smaller volumes of lactate at higher intensities and, more importantly, we are removing higher volumes of accumulated lactate and other metabolites from the bloodstream.  This ultimately translates into our CrossFit performances."- Chris Hinshaw

 Workout: 3 Rounds

1000m (sub-threshold)
-15 seconds rest-

400m easy jog 

300m (85-88%)
-60 seconds rest-

200m (88-90%)
-60 seconds rest-

100m (90-92%)
-60 seconds rest-


  1. **Did this workout Monday 5/12

    3 rounds: (I assumed we were to clock each distance separately each round)

    1000m run - 1st: 4:52 2nd: 4:48 3rd: 5:06

    400m jog - 1st: 2:19 2nd: 2:16 3rd: 2:17

    300m run - 1st: 1:23 2nd: 1:22 3rd: 1:25

    200m run - 1st: :54 2nd: :56 3rd: :55

    100m run - 1st: :22 2nd: :23 3rd: :24

    I faded fast on the last 1000m. The hardest part about this whole workout for me was trying to find the perceived exertion rates and stick with them. Sometimes I realized I wasn't pushing hard enough (especially during the 1000m or 400m jog) or times when I was definitely above the recommended exertion %. I felt like I was constantly starting our hard, realizing I needed to slow down, then speeding up again. I am actually really enjoying these workouts, though!

    1. I was also very diligent about the rest times! Meant to include that in my post.