Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tuesday 5/20

Track Day Courtesy of NC Lab

A. 3x400m w/ 4min rest between efforts
 Details:  Sprint 50m, easy jog 50m (just above walking pace), repeat until you complete 400m, rest 4min…perform 2 more rounds.

Rest 2 additional minutes

B. 3x(200m, 100m, 100m) with 4min rest between efforts
 Details:  Run 200m at a hard tempo (90% perceived exertion), easy jog 100m (just above walking pace), and end with a 100m sprint.  Then rest 4min…perform 2 more rounds


  1. Hope to get this track workout in (or last week's) this weekend. But, here is what I did on Tuesday instead.

    Front Squats - 125#, 155#, 165#, 165#, 170# - did all of these in regular shoes, no belt

    Push Press - I think we worked up to 120#

    10 min EMOM
    -12 Thrusters @ 95# in teams of 3, switching every 2 reps. Our team got done at about :35 every round - this was 40 95# Thrusters each - yuck!

    10 mins - every 2 mins complete
    - 20 Pull-ups (on the 5th round, I only go to 8 before I got a big tear, so I stopped there)
    - 5 OHS @ 115# (I dropped the weight to 105# because my shoulders were fried at this point)

    Pain Cave (with mask) - 3 rounds
    1 min ME row
    1 min rest
    1 min ME DU
    1 min rest

  2. did this on 5/29 - didn't time it, so no numbers to report.