Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thursday 5/22

Active Recovery

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  1. 5x5 Oly Style Good Mornings (at least that's what Dozer called them) - essentially, push hips back until back is parallel with floor, then squat, then raise hips back up until back is parallel with floor again, then push hips through until you are back at the starting position. I think we ended up at about 85# - my hamstrings and glutes are really sore today from this.

    MUs - 2 mins to establish a max effort, then 10 min EMOM - work 1 min (try to get half of your ME), rest 1 min. In the first 2 mins, I couldn't get any MUs. But, for the EMOM I was getting 2/min. I've been playing with my swing and grip, so I'm not as consistent, but when I get them, they are easier. It's just going to take some time to get more consistent again.

    Team Sandbag relay - 4 Rounds
    -OH walking lunge with sandbag (about 100 ft)
    -box step-overs (30" box) with sandbag
    -sandbag toss
    -200M sandbag run
    *each person did 4 rounds, we had about 1 min rest between rounds while waiting on the people in front of us go

    Pain Cave (with mask) - heavy ropes - 1 min work/1 min rest for 12 mins