Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saturday 5/31

A. Build to a Heavy Squat Snatch
B. Build to a Heavy Squat Clean & Jerk

Strength: Squats
a. Box Squat: 10 x 2 @ 50% 1 RM (explosive and fast)
b. 10 RM Back Squat


5 Strict Pull-ups
10 KB Swings 70#/53#
15 GHD Sit-ups

-Rest 5 Minutes-

5 Strict Chin-ups
10 T2B
25 DU

-Rest 5 Minutes-

15 Calorie Airdyne
30 Strict HSPU
*Remainder of the time, Max Burpee Box Jumps 30"/24"


  1. *I have been taking either Sat or Sun off. And I am not lifting on these days. I am either riding my road or mountain bike or running and doing core work.
    I am scaling back a bit on volume, trying to stay healthy and not wear myself out. The track day and taking Sat off from lifting has seemed to help me out a lot to break up the heavy days. I truly think this works for me (at least for now) because I feel a lot better and I am still making gains. My thoughts are to focus a bit more on metcon over the next couple months and hit the weight and volume hard again around Aug or Sept to start getting ready for the open again. Hope you are ok with this, Dan!

  2. Missy - we'll see what Dan says, but my guess is that he would rather have you do the opposite. It takes much longer to gain strength than conditioning. So, I believe that now is the time to get strong, and closer to the Open, he'll program more metcons for us to get our conditioning up. Pretty sure this is our "bulking" phase, and at we have the track workouts to keep us from losing too much conditioning. Maybe I'm wrong though...Dan?

    1. Thanks, Liz! This is just one reason I miss you so much! :)
      This totally makes sense, I am just obviously not remembering how the programming was right before the Open. I had gotten sick twice in two weeks about a month ago, so I have been concerned about the volume because I want to stay healthy. I also get bored and lonely working out by myself most of the time, so I've been doing some of the classes at CFKC. I think the track workouts are helping break up the lifting for me, so I will try to hit the workouts as prescribed again this week.

  3. I would say to do whatever allows you to keep progressing. Some people see better gains by going heavy 3 days a week, while others get more out of 5 days a week. I think it is smart to customize it to what works for you. The goal is continual improvement.

    With that said, I recommend using this time to prioritize improvements in skill and strength. However, this does not mean eliminating metcons, just make sure to do the amount of lifting necessary to make gains. Like I said above, that might be 3 days a week or 5 days. Remember, doing more is not always better