Sunday, March 9, 2014


WOD: Tabata
A. KB Swings 53#/35# (do not go up in weight)
B. Box Jumps 24"/20" (no rebounding, only step downs)
C. Deadlifts 115#/75#
D. Sit-ups 
*There is no 1 minute rest between stations, move immediately to the next one after the 8 Rounds is complete

Alternating EMOM x 12:
Even: 15 DU + 7-10 HSPU 
Odd: 30 Seconds Max Effort Wallballs 20#/14# (If available and you can meet the standards: 30#/20#)

Awesome video of Heather Bergeron from CrossFit New England doing the Open while pregnant


  1. Nate Loback:

    10 KB swings each round - was easy at first, tough by the end
    8-9 box jumps each time...I'm short so stepping down was SLOW
    DL - started at 10, was fighting for 8-9 by the end
    Situps - 10-11 each round. was tough by the end, but stuck with it.

    DU - 15 every round, no problem
    HSPU - 7 each round until a little over halfway...then fell to 5 (got 7 on the last rnd)
    Wall Ball - did these without a wall (free throw) - was getting 12-13 at the beginning, fell to 10 for rounds 7,8,9, then hit 13 the very last round.

    Overall, recovery felt pretty good. Was glad to get a hard met con in. Felt good in the sequence of the week. Sunday was heavy triples for me (clean and jerk, db shoulder press, db bench press), and yesterday was a hard hour of climbing on a bike.

  2. Did DLs from Monday because I missed them and need them! I kept the weight pretty low, but worked up each round. Two questions - should the snatch grip DLs be RDLs, or just regular DLs? And, am I allowed to hook grip, or is that similar to switch grip? I did the snatch grip as DLs, not RDLs and I did hook grip...hopefully I was allowed :).

    Snatch Grip DLs - 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#

    DLs - 125#, 135#, 145#, 185#

    This was great for me. It really enabled me to feel each position and correct form when necessary. I have a tendency, especially with snatch grip, to lean over the bar too much when I start.

    Then - did some good mobility - Steve just got back from the Mobility cert, so was teaching us some new things.

    Then - 3 rds NFT
    Row 20 cals
    20 KB swings (35#)
    20 sit-ups

    My hand was still a little sore, so didn't want to do too much bar work.

    I also logged 30 strict pull-ups, putting me at 40 for the week (at least strict is easier on the hands).