Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday 3/17

WOD: 2 Options

1. 14.3 Redo

2. WOD: 2 Rounds
A. 2 Min AMRAP:
Pull-ups (begin with Max unbroken)
-rest 4 Minutes-

B. 2 Min AMRAP:
3 Power Snatches 135#/95#
25 Double-unders
-rest 5 Minutes-

Gymnastics: Alternating EMOM x 14
Odd: 200 m Row
Even: 2-4 Muscle-ups

*Goal: Do not treat the row like a sprint, hold a pace that elevates your heart rate but it is not through the roof


  1. So, my guess was that the 2 rounds was A, rest, then B rest, then A, rest, then B. I still struggle a little bit with the rhythm on my butterfly pull-ups.

    A. My max set on the first one was only 17, then kept at it for a total of 36 pull-ups for the first round. Second round my first unbroken was 15, then a total of 37.

    B. This is still a heavy power snatch for me, first round, I got through 15 DUs on the second round. Second time through, I dropped a little lower in my snatch (still well above parallel) and that helped a lot, I got through the snatches on the third round that time.

    Gymnastics: This started off not too well for me, but I was able to use it as an opportunity to figure out how much time I needed between rowing and trying a MU to make sure I got it each time.
    Row - I stayed right at a 2:00/500m pace, something that didn't really get me breathing hard.
    MUs - I missed a few of these to start, until I started waiting 30 seconds after getting off the rower before jumping up on the rings. I wasn't able to link them, but could get 2 each minute in the later rounds, once I figured out my pacing a bit more. Something I'm still working on.

  2. I need to start doing butterfly pullups again. But only did one round as I totally missed the 2 rounds and have no idea how. I did 35 pullups in the first two minutes. My hands are really sore for some reason.

    B. I agree with Liz, the 95# is a heavy power snatch for me as well. Did a total of 2 rounds the first time. The second set I dropped to 85# and did two rounds as well, really focused on my technique for the snatches. It is amazing how much better the 85#'s feels in comparison to the 95#. Its so smooth with the 85# , the 95# I know is just a mental thing for me.

    Gymnastics- I had about 10-20 seconds rest before the next minute after the row. I still do not have a muscle up so I work on progressions and did ring dips. My ring dips are getting much stronger so that is a positive. On my muscle UPS I get stuck at the top, I think I am not low enough in the catch. Still too high. I will get these!!!!