Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday 4/1

A. 5 x 3 Split Jerk
B. Gwen: 15-12-9
*Unbroken Clean & Jerk, this is not for time. You may rest as long as you need between sets. However, once you start a set the bar cannot rest on the ground. The goal is to choose a weight you can use for all three sets. If the weight you choose is too light/heavy you may adjust accordingly.

WOD: 5 x 90 Seconds
200 M Row
5 Power Snatches 145#/100#
Max Effort Wallballs for remaining time (20#/14#)
*4 Minutes Rest between Rounds

Gymnastics 1: 50 Strict HSPU for time


  1. I am fried, so totally modified this workout just to do a workout today.

    Lifting: A. (I went up in weight every set.)
    1. 65#
    2. 75#
    3. 80#
    4. 85#
    5. 90#
    Everything felt good until the last two reps of 90#, those were really hard.

    I skipped Gwen because of all the cleans yesterday. I am really fatigued and didn't want to have to modify this down to nothing.

    1st round got 2 snatches, rounds 2-5 got 3 snatches. All rows took between 46-50 secs...for me that was good. My row form is slowly getting better!
    It wasn't a matter of catching my breathe when I got to the snatches, it was that my hips were tired. I feel like I haven't done snatches in forever, which made them feel extra hard, too. I did 3 sets of 10 wall balls after the wod since I didn't get to them.

    A. I can't do strict HSPU, so I did kipping. I was pressed for time, so I gave myself 5 mins, I got 25. My shoulders & hips were tired, so I faded fast with these.
    B. I did 2 sets of 10 kipping pull-ups with the last 3 being c2b each set. My hands are pretty raw, otherwise I would have done more. I am really loving pull-ups now that I know I can do them!

    My body just feels tired and slow. My snatch form felt terrible today and my cleans didn't feel great yesterday. Paul says it's like a post-open hang-over. I don't know, since I have nothing to compare it to. The open was tough and made me see my weaknesses, but I also did things that I have been telling myself I couldn't do. It was a great learning experience for me and I am already excited for next year. :) Jen, Liz, Nate...Thank you all for your motivation during the open! I look up to all of you and feel incredibly fortunate to train with you guys the rare times I get do. Dan, thanks for great programming that helped get us ready.

  2. My legs were really sore and my shoulders were a little fatigued after 14.5. And, I just overall felt pretty fried, so kept things light today.

    A. Split Jerk - did these at 105# - heavy enough to work speed and light enough to be really consistent on form
    B. Gwen: 15-12-9 - did this at 85# - even this light, the set of 15 was tough, but it was good to push through when I was feeling a little sluggish.

    Didn't do the WOD, did a 10 min EMOM - 3 strict Pull-ups and 3 strict ring dips. I only did one week of your 100 strict pull-ups a week challenge, so I figured I would do it for April instead. And, I'm adding 100 strict dips. Total for the week so far - 45 pull-ups and 30 dips.

    Did some Hip Ext on the GHD and some plank holds just for fun.