Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday 3/24

WOD: 2 Options

A. 14.4

B. For Time
30 Back Squats 205#/145#
25 Deadlifts 185#/135#
20 Front Squats 155#/115#
15 Thrusters 135#/95#
10 OHS 95#/65#
*Perform 3 Muscle-ups after each movement
**No Racks

A.  EMOM x 10: 1 Squat Clean & Split Jerk (percentages based off 1RM C&J)
1st Min: 70%
2nd Min: 75%
3rd Min: 80%
4th Min: 75%
5th Min: 80%
6th Min: 85%
7th Min: 80%
8th Min: 85%
9th Min: 90%
10th Min: 95%


  1. Did 14.4 again, but did not improve on my first time. In fact, I went out a little bit harder on the row and it bit me in the ass. I got off the rower at 3:15 (used a damper of 4 instead of the 2 I used first time through, which still didn't feel too tough). T2B felt harder the second time - I ended up doing about 7 singles instead of the 1 single I did the first time. Wallballs felt good, cleans felt about the same. I got to the rings a few seconds later, and waited only 30 seconds instead of the 45 I had last time and couldn't get a MU. So, that was a lot of work for nothing except a lesson :).

    1. Forgot about the other stuff we did after 14.4.

      5 Rds NFT
      10 HSPU
      10 Pistols

      Then we played around with the axel bars - did some overhead walking lunges and front rack walking lunges - with 105#, I think...Meredith loaded the bar and I just did what she did.

      I also did 25 strict pull-ups