Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday 3/21

WOD: 14.4
-Keep your heart rate low on the rower, don't try and sprint through it. 
-Keep the sets small on the T2B
-I would say you can go for bigger sets on the Wallball, but not too big. Otherwise, your heart rate will spike too much
-Fast singles on the Power Cleans


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes: Snatch Complex

Strength 1: Establish a 20 RM Bench

Strength 2: Back Squat Fun!!
A. Work up to a 1 RM Back Squat
-rest 5 Minutes-
B. Max Reps @ 245#/165#
-rest 5 Minutes-
C. Max Reps @ 225#/155#
-rest 5 Minutes-
D. Max Reps @ 205#/145#
*For B,C, and D: This is until failure on each set. Failure does not mean it hurts, failure means not being able to stand up with the barbell and having to dump it (please know how to do that!)

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  1. 14.4 - 182
    I felt pretty well paced on this, but missed a MU, so I'll do it again on Monday - every MU counts on this - I would like 2 more.

    ROW - I took about 3:30 on the rower - damper of 2 and pace of around 1050
    T2B - Set of 5 until those felt tough, then dropped to 4s then 3s, I did get one no-rep here, so I'll be careful not to waste the energy on that next time around
    WB - 4 sets of 10 here - I did also get a no-rep here, so I'll save myself that next time.
    CLEANS - did singles here, which is just mentally exhausting - I might try linking a few if I feel good next time - the weight didn't feel too tough - it felt harder on Wednesday.

    I didn't do any of the rest, just still not feeling 100% - my girls have a cold and I think I'm fighting that off. And, I know I want to redo on Monday, so want to save myself for that.